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December 09, 2006


Just for the record, boiling does not remove solid chemical impurities from water but, in fact, concentrates them. The water vapor given off is pure (at least initially) and all solid chemicals are left behind. Boiling does sanitize water (kill most bacteria but not all spores) but even then, the bacteria carcasses remain behind.

See! I don't need a microscope!

Really? Bacteria carcasses remain? AND spores?

Crap. Well, then I change my mind. I HATE water.

Power to the chickens!!!

How did we ever eat before now?
Oh, wait. That's not the question.
How will we ever eat after now?
Thanks, Tammy and Tammy's dad, for ruining water, too. >:-(

Don't worry, there's a nice, warm spot in hell waiting for me. In a very, very small cage. With unpurified water.

Such a commotion! Water without any chemicals in it at all would be tasteless and such an aggressive solvent that it would probably corrode your esophagus going down. OK! an exaggeration but the point is, water is a solvent so it will always have some chemicals in it. As for bacterial carcasses, geez we have billions of living bacteria in our intestines (we couldn't live without them!) so what's a few dead ones?

Not to mention the carcasses we intentionally put into the water. Okay, I get it. Carcasses equal delicious. I guess all's fair in love and broth water.

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