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November 27, 2006


Shona, this reminds me of the "salt is a perfect cube" argument with your dad.

Scientists. Give them a microscope and they think they know everything!

That's how much YOU know! I don't need a microscope to know everything!!


I was in a restaurant and witnessed a customer asking the waiter to take his Caesar salad away, because it tasted "fishy." The waiter removed it to the kitchen, where the chef gave it the taste test. It passed. It was returned to the diner... Who said "Take it away. And be sure to remove it from my bill."
That didn't happen.

See, Dad, you totally love anchovies.

Dads are too cute. I have similar conversations with my dad over the telephone (he lives in California and I live in France). Our conversations consist of my either yelling into the phone or repeating myself at least 3 times or he'll think I said "cancer" when I really said, "Kansas". :)

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