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January 05, 2007


sounds like your husband is skating on thin ice with those comments! as for your description of macaroni cheese using the words mealy, dried out and chewy - that's just wrong! loving the fondue approach though!

I LOVE fondue! (hint, hint, hint)!

While I don't know that I am a huge fondue fan, I do vote for yours as the best blog post of the lot.

Thanks, Abby. I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to those adjectives.

Dad, I think there needs to be at least 24 hours between when I send you home with food and when you request more. Don't tell me you ate it all already? Pace yourself, man.

How did you sneak ahead of me, Wren? Now it looks like I totally ignored your comment when, if fact, I'm quite flattered. Thanks!

Boy--what a wonderful idea! That would taste fantastic!

I think you need a new husband, that looks good to me.

sounds yummy to me! the hubby needs to make his own mac maybe! ;D This was fun, and fun to see what others came up with...

Frack-tastic! I am so way, way impressed. Fondue mac 'n' cheese. Corkscrew pasta. Brilliant. (I'm, um, going to re-create this recipe at my house -- in *homage,* you understand.)

I told you to dump that guy! Come on home and bring all that food..... it will give me something to do while you're cleaning the place!
And what's this 24 hour rule? I never agreed to anything so irrational!

Fondue mac and cheese, what a fabulous idea! Ya gotta love it! Nice job!

Just so all of you know, I love Tammy's cooking. In fact, my steady gains in poundage over the years is a testament to her awesome skills. And to my ability to drive right past the gym on the way home.

The ashes comment was made in jest and of course many other people who like fondue would be glad to partake. I do concede that the idea is clever, was well executed, and made for a fantastic presentation worthy of a photo spread or restaurant menu.

I don't like cheese fondue.

Cheese fondue doesn't like you, either. But, thanks for all the nice things you said about me!

Kevin likes Tammy! Kevin likes Tammy!

Ah, the sweet sound of sixth grade all over again. Except Kevin liked Joanna, not me. And his name was Todd.

Can I just say that I love your blog!

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