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February 20, 2007


OK, I coming out of the closet, I am a user of not so fresh vegetables (not milk products though, I have a slight problem with them after having been made to drink sour milk by my mean and nasty grandmother when little and yes, I did vomit and no, it was not a virus) when I cook and I don't have any FRESH ones. Or because I don't want to waste them. Do I have to walk up and down our road now with a sign hanging around my neck? Or will I feel as if a stone has lifted from my heart as you say as a Swedish Chef?

My boyfriend kept a few turnips in his crisper for a few, um, months. When he took them out, they were, as he put it, "a little wrinkly and a little soft." But he cooked them anyway, because that's just the way he rolls, baby. And, lo and behold, he said those were the sweetest, tastiest turnips he ever had. So now he ages all his turnips - really.

Fresh ingredients are great, but when people get too obsessed about it, they would do well to remember wine and cheese and Scotch and pickles and even stew, which everyone knows tastes better the second or third day, or winter squash, which really needs to sit in cold storage for a few weeks to sweeten. A little age never hurt anything.

If you think this gets you off the hook cooking for me then you've obviously been taking a few hallucinogens along with your curdled milk and moldy rice! Heck, week(s) old ingredients are an upgrade for me!

That's true, Dad. Must have been those wacky mushrooms.

Pyewacket, very well-said.

Ilva, a stone has been lifted. We're simply opposed to waste, and there will be a special place in heaven for us, post-botulism.

I hate it when my daughter visits me and goes through my refrigerator "cleaning it out". She chastised me for having some condiment that was over it's expiration date by a year! So what? It's pickled. It won't spoil. Right?

Curdled milk? Make biscuits, girl!

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