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March 05, 2007


No, we like the French.
We beat 'em in a famous wine competition back in the '70s, and have been feeling cocky ever since.

That was a nice post about honey and eating local. You're smart to do your homework in advance of the challenge; my first time I think I was a little close to starvation the first week.

And maybe you don't see the bees because many of them like tree pollen, so they're, y'know, *up there*.

I once heard that if you eat honey produced within X miles (I can't remember - 10? 20?) of your home, you are less likely to get the usual winter colds and flus.

I haven't researched this at all. It's probably just an urban myth. Anyway. That's my two cents on local honey.

Good enough for me, squeezyB. Come to think of it, I have been mucous-free this winter. Not vomit-free, though. Goddamned bees!

Yeah, CC, I really need to thoroughly research this eating local thing. Low blood sugar doesn't look good on me. Rumor is there's emu on offer somewhere around here, though. That's good news.

Reseska Apiaries also bottles under the name Golden Meadow. I make special trips to Whole Foods for it. Not only is it delicious it's hands down some of the best honey I've ever had. I LOVE butter and honey on toast so I get nervous when we have fewer than three jars in the house. I think I may have a problem...and if you need PB&Honey sandwich, Teddy's peanut butter is made in Everett so you can keep it local.

Bees are attracted to the smell of less than pure water sources. They would take chlorinated pool water over spring water any day.

There was an article last October in the Boston Globe about a beekeeper in Jamaica Plain so honeybees do exist in Boston.

Becky, there's nothing bees like better than a challenge, I guess!

Marika, it really is surprisingly good. And thanks for the Teddy's PB tip. My kids have a peanut butter addiction to go with my honey addiction.

Hi Tammy,

I just tried this honey based on your recommendation (from Russo's) and it was very yummy. I wasn't sure which jar from this company to get. They were all priced differently and I couldn't figure out what the difference between them was besides the bottle shape (some where glass, some plastic, etc). So I just bought the little bear since it was the cheapest and easiest to get honey out of. But I am not sure if the other ones are somehow better. Would you happen to know why they price it the way they do? Which jar did you get?


Hmmm. Not sure. I noticed that Russo's has expanded their honey selection with regard to Reseska Apiaries. When I bought mine, I think there were only a few choices. I bought a cute, little glass bottle with a cork and wax seal that was labeled, the Boston Honey Company. Then, I bought a plastic bear labeled, Golden Meadow.

Now that you mention it, I sent an e-mail asking about the difference between where the bees resided and pollinated because I thought the two types of honey tasted very different (Boston Honey = sweeter; Golden Meadow = more complex and herbal). I should check back.

I purchased the same honey in the adorable glass bottle with the wax cork...and have been trying to figure out how to remove the cork ever since! How did you open yours? Any tips would be appreciated. :)

I'm usually looking for honey when I have a cold and to be confronted with a wax cork when you're sick and cloudy headed usually ends in me sadly putting the bottle back on the shelf and reaching for the bear. I am glad to hear it's good honey though!

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