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March 09, 2007



Have you ever heard of the power of eggplant parm. to start labor? I thought it was a joke. I made eggplant parm. on a Friday night. I went to the hospital Saturday morning, and my son was born the next morning. Maybe just the power of suggestion ...

I did hear that. It didn't work for me, though. But I'd still recommend it purely for morale purposes.

I need a good eggplant parmesan recipe. My guess is Nonni's is probably one of the best, so I'll be trying it soon.. and by soon, I mean - soon. I finally got Hubbs to eat eggplant (I made rollatini the other night) and he actually liked it - even after all of his poo poo'ing. Party on!

Lisa, you won't be disapointed - this is my favorite eggplant parm, and even though I am an Irish boy, I consider myself an expert. The breadcrumb make the eggplant nice and crispy. The (spicy hot) sausage makes it extra-good!

However, you may be "disapointed" in my spelling/typing skills (or lack thereof).

Thanks, hubby. If only you played Scrabble the way you type, then I'd have a fighting chance of winning once in a while.

Lisa, I should note that 1 recipe of sauce, as indicated, makes the bare minimum of sauce for this eggplant. If you're a sauce person, and I think you are, you might want to double the sauce recipe so you have more flexibility. Of course, it sounds like you already have your own favorite sauce recipe!

I HATE making eggplant parm because of all the messy frying.
BUT I think I will have it give it a try in combination with your sauce (and I will double it).
My pregnant cousin's due date is 8/21. I think I'll tell her about the eggplant/inducing labor and use her as a test case :-)

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