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April 06, 2007


Wow! That does sound good! But I don't have enough bread pans to make 7 loaves. Where's my calculator? I definitely want to try this. Happy Easter Tammy and family!

You're making crescia!?! And you didn't give it to me? You're my daughter! You make crescia for me! Let my mom's daughter make crescia for her!!!!! Only kidding (really!)
Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great time eating. Happy Easter everyone!

Wow, that recipe's so wacky, it just might work. I especially like the 6 cups of cheese.
Happy Easter.

That sounds wonderful! I've never heard of this bread before, I loved reading about it. =)

Does your family make Easter shadones too?

I made mine today.. am tired now. hehe

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Lisa: Shadones? What in Lord's name are THOSE?

CC: It's the cheesiest.

Dad: Hope you enjoy the FIVE loaves that Nonni sent you home with.

Sally: Halve the recipe and use cake pans, instead. Who cares?

I was looking for the original recipe of this delicious bread that my grandmother brought from Italy (Ancona) for Barsil in 1910.
Here we use in our breads, a famous cheese called "Queijo Minas" that cheese is produced here in the state of Minas Gerais / Brazil.
Ricardo Coacci

I found in the internet an recipe of the bread with Locatteli´s cheese. I don't know that cheese. Do you know?

Locattili is pecorino romano which is a goat cheese. Really good with pasta.Dave

I was searching for a crescia recipe and found this site. My grandmother, also from le Marche used to make it for us every Easter season. I visited Pesaro recently and was given some by a cousin.
But I used to work for Gerry Barbaresi when he was superintendent on New Fairfield. I have very fond memories of that time. It was nice to see your site and recipes.

Ooooh googled Crescia looking for my Noni's recipe and here I am. Now I am drooling over all your italian dishes. Your site just made my favorites list- Love your profile and humor in your FAQ- keep up the good work. Oh and that P90X guy does talk alot huh?

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