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April 30, 2007


I have to think that I would have missed this without the internet. I've already commented on the site. I didn't spend 2 hours reading all the detail but like you I was flabergasted at the overall blanket of the proposal. You paraphrased so beautifully!

I agree with Tanna (another early riser!). I can't quite wrap my brain around what-exactly- they're trying to do, but the Olestra example really helped. Good post Tammy.

Yeah I first saw this on Cybele's blog and I was horrified. Who the hell do they think they are screwin with our chocolate??

I'm just shocked a group of pre-menstrual women haven't hunted them all down and killed them yet.

And thanks for reminding me about 'anal leakage' I had almost forgotten about it.


This sort of proposal really shows the differences in food policies between the US and Europe (with canada, where I'm from, stuck somewhere in the middle). I bet a European would look at the proposal at point out that most of what Americans claim is chocolate is not really chocolate at all (like white chocolate!), whereas the incredible restrictions in European food policy makes it quite difficult for any new product to break out there.
In Canada I know a legislator was proposing that dairy products had to be identified properly, so the word "creamy" would no longer be able to be used unless there was actual cream in it, and "cheese" (or any other spelling) had to refer to actual cheese, not processed cheez-like products. Many, many people still believe that Cheez-whiz is a bonifide cheese, and that mayonnaise has dairy in it.

completely unrelated, slashfood.com has some video of rats running around in Boston restaurants. In case you wanted to know.

Sunny12: Awesome rat footage. You bring up a great point about the differences in legislation around the world. I like your Canadian model where the words used to describe food actually reflect the true ingredients (imagine that). Here, we like our cheese to come in cans and contain no actual cheese.

Lisa: I'm menstrual myself and, therefore, had to delete out all the swearing and death threats.

Tanna: I'm glad you commented. I hope grass roots action like this actually works. Guess we'll find out.

Sally: My favorite line in the document was something to the effect of: customers won't know the difference. Thanks. I'm going to go rip my tongue out right now.

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