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April 24, 2007


Uh...no. But congratulations anyway! :)

Add 10 pounds to the toddler, remove the preschooler, and the answer to your question is YES!

Wow, that is some picture you painted for us! I have never had to work so hard to bring a dozen eggs home but I can see why you are so happy. Fresh eggs are the best, especially for things like huevos rancheros or eggs with hollandaise!

Mmmmm....baby backpack. I carry mine in a hippy-type wrap on my back and he can't get into ANYTHING!! (I tie his arms inside. Heh, heh.)

Of course, he can still scream. In my EAR.

What if I'm just 26 lbs. overweight? Then yes, I have.

Big boned: Depends on how much screaming there was.

Heath: I don't know if he'd go for that, anymore, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Ari: Information is the best form of birth control. And I really like your blog. Thanks for visiting.

SqueezyB: You win!

Sally: They're good eggs.

Oh...how I can relate!

Change the 26lb todder to a 26lb 10 month old...

And change the preschooler to a hormonal 11 year old who instead of clinging to your leg calls you a bitch and lectures you on how you never should have become a mother...

And change farm fresh eggs to a pound of chocolate and gallon of hard liquor...

And change your happiness at eating fresh eggs to a nice buzz and a fat ass...

Yea... I'm with you.

Sister: I changed my mind. I declare you to be the winner.

Kristen: Today was pretty much the same scenario, only at the library (minus the eggs).

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