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April 10, 2007


Good for you Tammy! You can do it, especially with all the great gardening blogs out there. Can't wait to read all about it.

Thanks for the daily chuckle!

We have just moved into a flat with 2 balconies and my visions of homegrown herbs and tomatoes have so far yielded rotten sage, dead rosemary and agonising thyme...

I totally agree that whatever plants grow should be able to grow outside with whatever sunlight and water comes their way.

I personally think the prospect of gardening waaaaaaay too difficult but i am looking forward to planting a little herb pot again. My basil was the best, it just grew and grew, all without any help from me! And I suspect one of my kitties is looking forward to me planting the catnip plant again.

Good luck with the garden, and let us know the results.

Good luck! Go for zucchini - I hear they multiply like rabbits and are almost impossible to kill!

Course I only managed to get 2 small zucchini off my plant and then they died. *sigh*

I have great luck with herbs, especially basil. But my tomato gardens have been all too moody. One year they produce an anormous amount of fruit the next year they apparently don't feel like it.
Whatever the case gardening is wonderful, just enjoy it and hopefully reap the fruits of your labor.

Well, perhaps I can get you to reconsider that visit here, as we have the following as we speak: Bananas, tangerines, oranges, lemons, passion fruit, peaches, avocado, mango, litchi, grapefruit. We'll be starting our vegetable garden in the next couple of weeks, so we'll have plenty of those too. Thing is, in Hawaii, everything wants to live, no matter how hard you try to kill it. So it's the perfect place for people like us!! Still want to put off that trip?? :)

We have the same thumb. Every year I shudder, because on our street, it's all about the competitive window boxing. Every year, I prray mine will last at least three weeks before dying. And go visit your sister. And bring me back some mangos.

Brave of you to announce your intentions. I'm contemplating a vegetable garden myself this year, but I won't be able to start it for at least a month (because somebody else currently owns the dirt I'd be digging in). I'm debating whether to even blog about it, because there are so many expert gardeners out there, and I'm like you: I planted radishes last year and they came out as skinny as spaghetti. Who knew you were allowed to put sulphur in dirt?

CC: I'm not sure sulfur pebbles qualify as organic, but I don't know what to substitute. Rotten Easter eggs?

squeezyB: Competitive window boxing? That sounds intense.

Sister: Active volcanoes are funny like that. One minute you're sucking down juicy, delicious mangoes, the next minute you're running for your lives.

Julie: What's your basil secret? The only herb I'm good at growing is mint.

Lisa: Zucchini is tops on my list. And frying up the blossoms means double the pleasure.

Sunny12: Lucky kitty! You can bet I'll be reporting back with the exciting results.

ASMO: I have to think that things will only get better in the summertime.

Sally: You're more optimistic than I. Any favorite gardening blogs you can recommend?

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